Career Resources

Career Resources

CTF Occupational Areas & Possible Occupations

An occupational area is a grouping of courses that focuses on attitudes, skills and knowledge related to specific work areas.

CTF Occupational Area Skills, Knowledge and Technologies Lists

During Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) challenges or tasks, students are required to use skills, knowledge and technologies associated with occupational areas.

CTF Safety and Environmental Considerations for Occupational Areas

National Occupational Classification (NOC)

National Occupational Classification Classification nationale des professions
The National Occupational Classification (NOC), provides a standardized language for describing the work performed by Canadians in the labour market. It gives statisticians, labour market analysts, career counselors, employers and individual job seekers a consistent way to collect data and describe and understand the nature of work. La Classification nationale des professions (CNP) est un outil constitue un cadre normalisé qui permet de décrire le travail réalisé par les Canadiens sur le marché du travail. Elle offre aux statisticiens, aux analystes du marché du travail, aux conseillers d’orientation professionnelle, aux employeurs et aux personnes qui cherchent un emploi une méthode uniforme pour recueillir des données et pour décrire et comprendre la nature du travail.

 Career Planning Resources

The Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) website is designed to help students:

  • explore career choices
  • research information about occupations
  • find information about education and training programs
  • link to post-secondary learning institutions
  • find information about student finances and scholarships

Check out the career planning resources below:

Alberta Learning Information Services (ALIS):

Career Planning Supports:

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