Successful Implementation

Implementation Supports

A Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions

Essential ConditionsA Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions was developed by a provincial working group of education partners committed to realizing positive change in Alberta’s schools and classrooms. This guide offers guiding questions to support implementation planning.

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Checklist for Developing a Challenge 
French Checklist for Developing a Challenge

Checklist for Teachers
French Checklist for Teachers

Checklist for Administrators
French Checklist for Administrators

Checklist for Community Engagement
French Checklist for Community Engagement

Career & Technology Foundations: 3 Models of CTF

Created by the CBE CTF Team: Erin Quinn, Debbie Bradbury and Tracy Dalton

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3 Models of CTF

 Calgary Board of Education (CBE) CTF Resource Site

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) has developed a Career & Technology Foundations (CTF) website. This site includes information and videos about CTF. Getting started information, next steps, and information about high school and beyond can be found at this resource site.
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Saint Joseph’s – Project Learning

A look at CTF in Action: CTF Project-Based Learning at Saint Joseph School in Coaldale, Alberta.
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CTF Parent Newsletter – Horizon School Division

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Cross-Curricular Competencies for Alberta Students

Cross Curricular PosterThe Cross Curricular Competencies for Alberta Students is a quick reference to the ten competencies to be developed by every student, in every grade and across every subject/discipline area. These Cross Curricular Competencies identified in both Inspiring Education and the Ministerial Order on Student Learning (#001/2013).

Competencies Poster (8.5 x 11)
Competencies Poster (11 x 17)
Français (8.5 x 11)
Français (11 x 17)

Cross-Curricular Competencies – Discussion Guides

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